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Welcome to Emergency Planning

Welcome to Emergency Planning

Welcome to Emergency PlanningWelcome to Emergency PlanningWelcome to Emergency Planning

Be the Change!

Eye of Sauron and Mt Doom

Disasters Can Strike Anytime, Anywhere!

Infrequently there could be extreme incidents that might affect a large portion of our community and focus particularly hard on those seniors that need additional assistance with their daily lives. Loss of power on a hot summer day, loss of water, contaminated water, flooding or other adverse weather, lightning caused fires, and terrorism are types of incidents that requires outside help. If these incidents are also occurring across many jurisdictions, then initial responses would be limited until mutual aid from outside our area becomes available. Our County has many cities and county areas to prioritize.

Local Volunteer Groups

We have many groups that could respond to extreme events.  Neighbors Who Care, FireCorps 231, our Churches, and our HOAs could be available. We need a plan to work together and to get trained. Each organization can be integrated using Incident/Unified Command.

Let Me Help You Train Your Volunteers

Free training is available for your group to help you get started. Check out the training tab above. IS100, IS700, IS200, IS201 are available plus mini sessions on shelters,  communications, and preparedness topics.